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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A video clip that caught my attention

Title: How chocolate can help repair spinal damage

Content: It is about a group of scientists trying to find out how to make a paralyzed person be able to voluntarily move again with motivation and stimulants by testing it out on a rat.

3 points that I have learnt:
1. When someone has crushed or severed his/her spinal cord, it can no longer send neurosignals from the body to the brain and this will result in paralysis.
2. When a cocktail of synthetic neuro transmitters were injected into the rat's spinal cord, the healthy but disconnected neuro cells were activated again.
3. With motivation, the rat was able to reconnect its dorman neural network and move its paralyzed limbs again with the help of the neuro transmitters and a machine.          

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